I’m Pretending You Asked, Issue 4

My Thoughts on Senior Complaints

Anyone doing the musical this year? I am. Besides an absurdly hard (and I guess rewarding?) dance audition and a really pretty audition song, but, also, I’m not a tenor so it wasn’t exactly easy, it’s going to be a pretty fun time. I’m hearing a lot of complaints that it’s too impractical or that it’s supposed to be a REAL musical and not a cabaret, but really I’m just happy something is happening at all. 

I went to the arts discussion breakout room and got to hear A LOT of complaining about the musical this year. I sound like a broken record here, but Parker students complain a lot. Too much in my opinion. Why don’t we just appreciate the fact that literally no one is GLAD COVID-19 is happening, and be grateful that teachers are even taking the time out of their day to spend a ton of time making a musical happen for us. 

And sure, this is not how I’d spend my ideal senior year. I’m well aware of the fact that no matter what, I’ll be doing my senior year musical alone in my basement whilst I sing my heart out to a screen. Screens don’t give applause. But to all the people out there who won’t stop telling me that this isn’t the way they want their senior year to go — I KNOW. You and the 3.7 million other seniors due to graduate this spring are pretty much all feeling the same way. Just because you have to do school remotely does not mean that the school (or anyone for that matter) has to bend to your will or do what you want. 

Sure, there are 3.7 million seniors who have to do virtual, but there are 52.7 million other students in America who are equally as unhappy that school is virtual and 3.7 million teachers across America who I can guarantee are more unhappy than all of us combined. Teaching grumpy high schoolers must not be fun in person, so I can’t imagine what that must be like during virtual. 

Maybe this is just me complaining. Who am I to tell you how the rest of America feels. BingBong. Maybe I’m just done listening to people be unhappy about Parker being virtual when the other option is literally getting COVID-19 and quite possibly dying because of it. All in all, nothing we do this year is going to be the ideal way we’d like it to be done. Like I said before, I’d really rather not spend my entire senior year in my basement in front of a screen — but if that stops me from getting COVID-19, then honestly, so be it.