Moogus Bogus



Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Eli Moog.

List item 10 shows off a gorgeous piece of material. Photo courtesy of Eli Moog.

I don’t really know what the 12 Days represent. Never have. So, in honor of the rough year we have all lived through, here are 12 things I am grateful for. 


  1. Every teacher and staff member that has worked so incredibly hard to get us to a ‘new normal.’ Special shoutout to the cafeteria staff.
  2. A vaccine that is safe, effective, and our only way out of this pandemic. One that should be mandated. 
  3. Chemistry labs that go kaaaaboooooooooom. 
  4. Warm & soft coats. 
  5. The Cubs for finally signing good players. Future 2023 World Series Champs. 
  6. The Student Body for making it’s New Year’s Resolution to not fold any more Student Voice paper airplanes. 
  7. Cousin Greg. 
  8. Parker only requiring three years of language. 
  9. “The Parker Weekly” for the first time printing my piece without censoring it.
  10. Epoxy as a material, and the Woodworking Class as a whole. 
  11. Mahany-Hoffman Advisory.
  12. Joe Biden and the general phrase “No Malarkey.”


See you in 2022. I hope you all get some sleep this break. We need it.


Warmest Regards, 

Eli Kraft Moog(us Bogus)