Moogus Bogus

Election Season


Photo credit: The Parker Weekly

Moogus Bogus – Election Season

After a long and competitive election season‭, ‬we are finally nearing the great day that is election day‭. ‬Before we actually vote‭, ‬I want to take this opportunity to share some thoughts that will be going through my head as I enter the ballot box‭. ‬And just‭ ‬to be clear‭, ‬I’m not writing this because I think I have all the answers‭ (‬I obviously don’t‭), ‬but instead because I have been a‭ ‬pretty active member of Student Government for the past four years‭, ‬and have the experience of leading Cabinet‭. ‬

First off‭, ‬and this mainly applies to the rising seniors running for Cabinet‭, ‬try to actively think not about the past two months but instead‭, ‬the six months prior‭. ‬I say this because EVERY SINGLE candidate acts engaged when it’s easy and beneficial for them‭. ‬When the drive to win the election is motivating them to actually engage‭. ‬This might sound harsh‭, ‬but for every senior‭, ‬a good portion of the year will occur when their motivation is extremely low‭. ‬Don’t elect people that engage strictly when it is in‭ ‬their benefit‭. ‬Elect people that care‭. ‬

Secondly‭, ‬take the actual text of a platform with a grain of salt‭. ‬They are written oftentimes with a lack of complete understanding of the given position‭, ‬and almost always include promises that are untenable‭. ‬If you don’t believe me‭, ‬read my platform‭. ‬It‭’‬s full of stuff that I now realize I couldn’t have accomplished if I had a 10-year term‭. ‬Instead‭, ‬read them for principles‭. ‬Or‭ ‬just to get a sense of who the people/person is‭. ‬Are they somebody who is organized‭? ‬Does it seem like they wrote the platform minutes before the deadline‭? ‬Are they running because they are interested in the position or how the position would look on the Common App‭? ‬

Thirdly‭, ‬cast a ballot you can be proud of‭. ‬Vote for people that will bring you a smile‭, ‬that will help you when you deal with them over the next year‭, ‬and that won’t let you down‭. ‬It’s great if those people are your friends‭, ‬but at the end of the day‭, ‬it’s up to you to make sure that Student Government isn’t a complete waste of your time‭. ‬

Lastly‭, ‬and this is more geared to any current underclassman running‭, ‬don’t take a loss as too demoralizing‭. ‬Honestly speaking‭, ‬this is because outside of the two months of election season‭, ‬very few people actually care about Student Government‭. ‬If you want a position‭, ‬or the ability to make change‭, ‬JUST BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE‭. ‬You can get done what you want to get done‭, ‬win or lose‭. ‬And‭, ‬if you engage‭, ‬I guarantee next election season will go better for‭ ‬you personally than this one‭.‬

Good luck to all candidates‭, ‬and make sure you enjoy your democratic responsibility‭. ‬