Letter From The Editors, Issue 1 – Volume CXII

Hello Parker!

Maybe you are feeling stressed. Maybe you are feeling excited. Maybe you are in denial. Whatever the case may be, the new school year is upon us. In addition to a summer of thrilling and restful activities, the staff of “The Weekly” has been hard at work on our first issue. We have learned that it is not easy to put a newspaper together, but even with a few challenges, it has finally come together, and we are proud to present you with the first issue of volume CXII of “The Weekly.”

Both new and experienced writers have contributed impressive and enlightening articles to this issue. Make sure to visit page seven’s article covering some of Parker’s favorite things, including Uma Morris’s article on Rosemary Abad and Maddie Deutsch’s article on Lollapalooza. We also urge you to take a look at page nine and read Arjun Kalra’s perspective on DEI dialogues. We hope you take your sweet time reading this issue through. You will not be disappointed!

This new and exciting year of newspaper production is daunting, but we are determined to provide this school with as meaningful of a publication as possible. As we discussed in our editorial, processing the current events around us can be challenging, but we should try to address them within our community and in a united nature. “The Weekly” hopes to support Parker as it grapples with internal and external challenges by providing thoughtful reporting and insights from our hard-working staff. If you are not on “The Weekly” staff, we would love to remind you that this is a space for everyone and anyone. If you find yourself hard-pressed with an opinion you need to get out to the school or with an urgent Parker-based mystery, please feel more than free to send it our way. After all, “The Weekly” is here to inform you.


From the bottom of our hearts: thanks for reading,  

Harry, Alya, and Eden