Letter From the Editors, Issue 2 – Volume CXII

Dear Parker People,

We hope you are all enjoying this year’s wonderful County Fair and embracing the past! Even though we know you would all like to sneak off and cuddle up with your new copy of “The Weekly,” we hope you first explore the fair. Sometime in between your shift, indulging in a few (maybe many) snow cones and/or senior milkshakes (?), and rollerblading in the Draft Gym, we hope you enjoy the lovely array of articles The Parker Weekly team has so diligently worked on for the past few weeks. Missed school for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and looking to find solidarity? Jewish Student’s Day Off by Gabrielle Silverman is waiting to be read by you. Also check out “Reproductive Justive Club” by Beckett Nikitas to learn about the important work that Parker students are doing. We look forward to hearing your insightful opinions and groundbreaking observations on this issue after you’ve spent all four days of your weekend soaking in The Parker Weekly.

Heigh ho,