Head-To-Head: Whom Should You Vote For In The 2020 Election?

Go Joe! Our Best Days Lie Ahead

What started as a race between 28 candidates is now down to two, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. To me, Biden, the 77-year-old Pennsylvania native, who most recently served as Vice President for eight years under Barack Obama, is the most obvious choice.

With fears of another four years of failures to “Make America Great Again,” I, along with many of my peers, see the Democratic Primary as not only a battle of who has the better platform but also of who can beat Trump. Sanders, a democratic socialist, will fail to bring out enough voters to beat Trump. Not only does he not appeal to moderate Democrats and the elderly, but he will fail to get enough of the African-American population to vote. Bernie’s base is also mostly young. Additionally, when Sanders ran against Clinton in 2016, he was only able to rally support from 20% of African-Americans. On Super Tuesday, Biden won not only the African-American vote but also the female vote. These demographics, which are essential parts of beating Trump, all rally around Biden.

On Super Tuesday, Biden won not only the African-American vote but also the female vote.”

Biden’s unifying platform to return “to our founding principle that all men are created equal,” perfectly rivals “Make America Great Again.” Biden addresses what was great and why we should return to it. Personally, I could not think of a more unifying principle than returning to “all men are created equal.” This can lead to bringing our country together and ending the extreme partisanship that plagues our nation.

Biden knows what is needed in order to have a successful presidency. No other candidate has already served eight years in the Executive Branch. He wishes to return to Obama’s Affordable Care Act and subsidize it by reversing tax cuts for the rich. His plan for climate change would have the country on a path toward the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. He not only wants to reverse Trump’s border policies but has also outlined pathways for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship. His education platform is incredible and includes increasing the funding of schools in lower-class areas. He stands for the voluntary buyback of guns, the banning of assault weapons, and high- capacity magazines.

While I just presented some of the reasons why I believe Biden is the best candidate, you must do your own research in order to decide for yourself which candidate you truly believe is best for this country. DON’T FORGET TO GO OUT AND VOTE!!