Big Siblings, Little Siblings 2021-2022

Big Siblings, Little Siblings return in an in-person year

October 12, 2021


In a year where the schedule was changed, MX meeting times have been reduced, and G’s and H’s have been switched to Clarks and Websters, the Big Siblings, Little Siblings program is back, this time, all in one building. 

There were a few changes this year to the Big Siblings, Little Siblings program, and Upper School choir teacher, and senior gradehead Emma Castaldi highlighted a few of the changes that were made, one being the name change.   

“Notice that it used to be Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Now it’s Big Siblings, Little Siblings which we felt was a long time coming.We needed this change to happen. It’s more inclusive, it’s not as gender specific,” Castaldi said. “And, genuinely, everybody was on board and a lot of people were very thankful for the change, so that was number one.”

Castaldi also highlighted that Morning Exercise was outside on the field instead of in the Big Gym where it was held before the COVID-19 pandemic. Castaldi spoke about how the experience is different from the gym instead of the field. “It’s more contained where people can really see the meeting of the Big Siblings to Little Siblings and pictures are usually easier and that kind of thing,” Castaldi said. “So outside’s a little bit harder to keep everyone’s attention.”

Parents were allowed to attend the MX this year. “We were very happy that the parents could be there, the whole school was there, to watch this really nice event that last year’s class didn’t get to do,” Castaldi said. 

Senior Sophia Rogers, a big sibling to the sixth grade, spoke about the MX and the experience this year. “It’s so nice to be able to have this opportunity again versus last year having it be over Zoom,” Rogers said. ”It’s so nice to see everyone and interact with everyone in their classes and the Parker environment.” 

As a senior gradehead, Castaldi helped arrange the assignments of the seniors to the classrooms and grades. “Earlier this summer we asked every senior to let us know their preferences or a grade so either their first choice, second choice, third choice,” Castaldi said. 

After the MX, the seniors spent some time with their little siblings and got to know them. However, as this year the schedule does not have advisory after MX like past years, they didn’t have as much time. Castaldi said that there are several MX slots that are designated for the Big Siblings, Little Siblings  program throughout the year. 

Senior Mia Bronstein reflected about the Big Siblings, Little Siblings MX this year, on the field. “Seeing everyone’s faces out in the field was such a surreal moment, and I’m glad we got to do it in some capacity. It is such a special moment and rite of passage for us to have as a class and was so fun to start building connections with our little siblings,” Bronstein said. 


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