The Parker Weekly

Let’s Get Real, Issue 1 – An Extrovert in Quarantine

Denise Román, Columnist

September 7, 2020

As I sit in front of my laptop watching countless Netflix shows, I think about the days lost in my calendar. My Spotify playlist plays songs about loneliness non-stop. It’s been five months since I've had any in-person social i...

Intervention Without Proper Explanation

Leila Sheridan, Political Liaison

September 7, 2020

Freshman year health class covers eclectic topics changing from mental health to drug use. Within every discussion, YouTube video, and documentary was a small intervention of why we shouldn’t become drug users without prope...

Editorial, Issue 1 – Volume CVV

The Parker Weekly

September 7, 2020

In our final issue of last year, following the nationwide call for a drastic change in the policing system in the U.S and society as a whole, our editors asked you to educate yourselves beyond what you’ve learned in the classro...

A Microscope of the Model Home, Issue 1 – Holding Hands

Rosey Limmer, Columnist

September 7, 2020

The annoying yet familiar sound of the bagpipes glares as the senior class walks around the gym. Lower Schoolers anxiously await the seniors that will soon become their friends, while in the bleachers Upper Schoolers and parents che...

I’m Pretending You Asked, Issue 1 – To SAT, or not to SAT

Spencer O'Brien, Columnist

September 7, 2020

When you think about highlights from your high school career, you probably imagine Prom, the Blue Out Game, taking the ACT… What? Personally, the whole SAT/ACT part of my high school career has been my least favorite. Especia...

Joys of Life, Issue 1 – Lamps.

Grayson Schementi, Columnist

September 7, 2020

Welcome back! This is a continuation of my column from last year. If you haven’t read those and don’t know what we do here (most of the time, it’s a beautiful mess (comments in parentheses are what we call “tangents”...

Head to Head: Parker’s Plan for School

September 7, 2020

On left, Alex Carlin on why Parker should stay completely online, and on right, Emma Manley on why Parker should begin to reopen. Vote at the bottom! Comics by Maddy Leja.

Fix This.

Avani Kalra, Editor In Chief

June 4, 2020

The Latin School of Chicago. The University of Chicago Laboratory School. The Francis Parker School in San Diego. All of these independent schools that you’ve heard of––some progressive and others not––enjoy a free...

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Rosey Limmer, Staff Writer

June 4, 2020

Until March 13, most days looked similar. Most mornings I would wake up, brush my teeth, and get ready for school. Mornings often consisted of doing my hair, picking out “the perfect outfit,” adding accessories, choosing a ...

Fireside Chats, Issue 11

Matthew Turk, Columnist

June 4, 2020

Rocks appear to be permanent, but only on the scale of a human life. Rocks are permanent for thousands of years, and that might be what makes them important to us. We use various kinds of rocks to build statues, monuments, bu...

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