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Letter To The Editors, Issue 5 –– Volume CVIV

Jared Saef, Photographer

December 20, 2019

As an avid reader of the Parker Weekly, I, like many other Parker students, always flip to the back page to check out the memes. I enjoy seeing meme references from popular culture applied to events that have occurred within our school/student body, and I look forward to laughing about them with my ...

Letter To The Editors, Issue 2 — Volume CVIV

Takato Muro

October 10, 2019

Dear Weekly Readers,  There’s been something on my mind since the last Weekly came out, and I wanted to share it with you all.  Last year, when a security guard was fired, everyone talked about it.  Last year, when Gender Week was launched, everyone talked about it.  Last year, when the ...

In Response to “Hear Us”

David Fuder

May 10, 2019

To the Parker community: A Broken Body That Needs Healing. Every September we gather in the auditorium for the very first Morning Ex of the school year. The excitement is palpable, as the very youngest join together with the very oldest to forge the pieces that build the symbolic house that is...

Letter to the Editor, Issue 8 — Volume CVIII

Grace Chang, Managing Editor

March 31, 2019

Editor’s Note: The piece below was published in The Weekly’s 2019 “Joke Issue.” All content, quotations, and other editorializations are entirely fictitious.  Hey Editors! It’s 2 Changz, your Managing Editor. I am writing this letter to the editors because I am finally fed up with hun...

In Response to “Why Do Students Always Attend the White Out Games?”

Laura Gill, Assistant Athletic Director

February 1, 2019

Dear Editors, In response to Julia Mark’s piece, “Why Do Parker Students Always Attend the White Out Games?” I write to formally issue a challenge to the entire Parker community, especially the student body. As I sit here and write, I cannot help but reflect on my high school years, where many...

In Response to “This Needs To End”

Andrew Bigelow

November 20, 2018

Dear Editors, I am a huge fan of “The Weekly.” I wish more students, faculty, and staff would make use of the “Letters to the Editors” section as a forum, an opportunity, and a teachable moment. Thank you for publishing the editorial and I hope more within our model home will feel comfortabl...

In Response to “Unspoken Traditions”

Laura Gill

October 4, 2018

As twilight approaches on the 2018 fall athletics season, it seems impossible not to reflect on all that embodies Parker athletics. One large aspect of the athletic experience here at Parker is that of team traditions. In reflecting on the current athletics season here at Parker and in response to Al...

In Response to 8 Years of Service to “The Parker Weekly”

Grace Buono, Jessi Lieb, and Josh Marks

June 7, 2018

Dear Mr. Laufer, We’ve always wanted to write a “Letter to the Editors,” and--this being our last issue ever--now seems like as good a time as any. For the past four years we’ve spent more hours in  your room than probably anywhere else in the school. From freshman year English class (where J...

A Letter from Next Year’s Editors

Next year's

Sammy Kagan, Avani Kalra, and Sophia Saker

June 6, 2018

Happy Summer, Parker! Congrats on making it through another fantastic school year. After twelve jam-packed issues, we’re incredibly proud of the progress “The Parker Weekly” has made this past year and look forward to continuing such development as we guide the paper through its 108th Volume as you...

In Response to “Victory Royale!”

Andy Wessman

May 26, 2018

Dear Editors,   I disagree with Ava Stepan’s opinion piece “Victory Royal.” My first issue with the article is the sentence, “The same boys who participated in the walkout are now sitting in their basement for hours on end shooting people.” We’re not shooting people. We’re shooti...

In Response to “Only 17 Minutes Strong”

Ian Shayne, Political Brief Writer

April 8, 2018

Dear Editors, While I extol Natalie Daskal’s efforts to enact change by serving on an organizational committee for the “March for our Lives Chicago,” I believe that her assessment of Parker’s walkout was unfair for several reasons. Contrary to what she implicitly stated, the walkout did not u...

In Response to “Bronstein’s Banter, Issue 6: Senioritis”

Mitch Bedows

February 16, 2018

Dear Editors, Jett Bronstein's article last issue, “Senioritis,” did a good job of analyzing the problem on a deeper level than is generally done.  However, I don't think it fully covered the issues with how the Parker community treats senioritis. When talked about, a stigma exists around senio...

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