Snowfall Showcase 2021


Snowfall Showcase collage.


After Chicago’s January 30 snow storm, the largest seen this winter, we asked the Parker community to share their favorite fun images from the weekend!

In this gallery you can find everything from snowpeople to snowy dogs to video games. Enjoy!

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  • Junior Sofia Brown stops to admire the birds swooping above a snowy, frozen harbor.

    Photo credit: Sofia Brown
  • Junior Emma Manley shapes the beginning of a sidewalk snow friend.

    Photo credit: Stephanie Manley
  • The return of Dexter the dog, ears flopping in the wind! “[My] pup Dexter bounding through the snow!” – Tyler Heidtke, Physical Education Teacher

    Photo credit: Tyler Heidtke
  • Manley poses with her final product, Babette Snowmanley.

    Photo credit: Stephanie Manley
  • Junior Julie Test’s Terrier-Chihuahua. Gemma sports her chic pink coat as she romps through the snow.

    Photo credit: Julie Test
  • Senior Benji Gourdji braves the storm.

    Photo credit: Mia Wichman
  • One student stayed warm in a virtual winter wonderland on the popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing. (Anonymous Submission)

    Photo credit: Anonymous
  • Junior Tess Wayland’s Freddy the Mini Snowman sports a new leafy cut after a rough day.

    Photo credit: Tess Wayland
  • This golden retriever works the camera for a glamour snow shot. “Luna the snow puppy.” – Junior Kavee Kirschner Alvarez

    Photo credit: Kavee Kirschner
  • Junior Finn Hall’s dog Otto surveys his snowy landscape on a nighttime trot.

    Photo credit: Finn Hall
  • Amy O’Brien finds refuge in her custom snow fort. “The O’Brien Children frolic in the snow and most likely have more fun than other people’s families.” – Senior Spencer O’Brien

    Photo credit: Spencer O'Brien
  • Freshman Anna Swanson’s dogs, Daisy and Pearl, learned to jump on the patio table and couldn’t be more thrilled to show Swanson.

    Photo credit: Anna Swanson
  • Spencer O’Brien appreciates his handiwork at his snow brickyard.

    Photo credit: Amy O'Brein
  • Dover the dog catches some flakes on his nose. “He is one year old and it’s his first snowfall!” – Junior Lorenzo Collier

    Photo credit: Lorenzo Collier
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