Letter From The Editors, Issue 10 – Volume CX

Hi Parker!

Happy May and return to in-person school! We still can’t believe how amazing it is to be back with all of you!! Whether you are staying remote or meeting in-person, we know that school will still look different to what we love and miss, and we hope that this issue of “The Weekly” helps brighten your day and strengthen the feeling of community we aspire to create.

We are always proud of our staff who works on these issues, so please be sure to congratulate our writers! We have some great pieces to check out. Be sure to read Samantha Graines’ piece on the Cullen J. Davis Young Men of Color Symposium and Arjun Kalra’s piece on returning club life.

And, of course, we cannot sign off before mentioning our wonderful website, parkerweekly.org, which we continue to update with exclusive and exciting con- tent!! Let’s make the most of this last month and a half at Parker!

Love, Zach, Julia, and Nick