Moog’s Message

A Talk With SG President Eli Moog



“The number one goal, at least right now, is trying to work with the schedule,” said Moog. He wants to make sure the administration adapts the schedule to the current needs of Parker students and takes into account the “great things that came out of our schedules in remote learning.” A few of Moog’s priorities within the new schedule include “allowing the student body to have sleep-ins,” and working to make changes to the Morning Exercise program and to “maybe limit it.” Moog says that he wants to “cut back on MX as much as possible, and we’ve already started doing that.” 

Moog said that he and Executive Advisor Ivy Jacobs have been hard at work, meeting with the administration during the summer to push for the aforementioned schedule changes. Moog says that the administration, led by new head of Upper School Christopher Arnold, has been “really, really receptive.” Moog added that, “when the schedule does come out, there’s going to be a lot of great things that students are going to be happy about.” Moog said that though he will fight hard to make most students happy with the schedule, making everyone happy is impossible. “The student body wants the day to start at 11:00 and end at 12:00, with an hour of lunch. That’s what I want, but that’s not possible.” Moog reassures members of the Upper School community that, “we’re going to get a schedule that keeps in mind the students and teachers and that is much better than our previous schedule.” Moog wants to make sure that Student Government is “never a waste of time.”  

“If everyone came to student government saying there’s actually a reason for me being here, then we’re going to have a successful year,” said Moog.



“No matter what, Student Government will be represented at Bridge,” helping students new to Parker understand student government.  Moog noted that this year’s sophomores haven’t had a lot of SG experience and will also need to be caught up.. “Student Government online is going to be a disaster, no matter how you spin it,” said Moog. Online Student Government is “more boring” and that “people are less engaged.” Moog strongly supports holding plenary in a typical fashion that doesn’t include Zoom. 

“I would try everything possible to get the student body in one auditorium. It is a big space that can fit 300 kids socially distanced, even though the vast majority of those people will be vaccinated, and if we have to do it outside, then we have to do it outside.” 

Moog said that the school’s views on COVID-19 protocols are rapidly evolving as “the COVID situation is changing daily because of Delta, but I think that Parker is going to be changing a lot throughout the year… Student Government is going to have to adapt with that.”



Moog is an advocate for vaccinations.  “Obviously there’s no reason not to get vaccinated.” The majority of the Parker community agrees with Moog’s sentiment.Principal Dan Frank ‘74, informed the Parker Community via email on August 9th that “well over 90% of students and employees who are vaccine-eligible have received a vaccine to date.”

Moog thinks that the school will most likely mandate or strongly encourage the COVID-19 vaccine, but if they don’t, the student body should utilize the power of a resolution to make their voices heard. “I think that the vast majority of students would probably be for a vaccine mandate for students and for teachers and for everyone in the building.” Moog is hopeful that the school will take swift action to put this requirement in place, but if one isn’t in effect on day one, then he wants to discuss it in Student Government. “I want to know the students’ opinions. Maybe there’s some students that don’t really care, maybe there are. I know I would definitely care… I do anticipate the administration puts in [a vaccine mandate] soon.”



Moog praised President Carter Wagner ‘21 and Executive Advisor Ava Ori ‘21 for their changes to the small groups program. “Something that Carter and Ava did that was great was with small groups”.The change meant “you could choose your own conversation.” This program has only been utilized via Zoom. Moog believes that “adapting that to an in-person environment is going to be strange,” but Moog wants to “do optional things” frequently. Moog praised Mathew Turk ‘20 by saying, “something that Mathew did that was really, really great is he really utilized committee heads.” Moog says that with the return of in-person committee events, “I want to make sure that every one of those [committee events] is fully funded and has more food than people in the building.”



Moog agreed with ISBE’s decision by saying, “I think that at COVID’s current stage, everyone should be in the classroom.” Moog did caution his positive sentiment with concern that coronavirus numbers may change as the school year begins. Moog said that he personally wants to be back in the building but, “If there are some people where they have extenuating circumstances, I think that it makes sense if they want to be home.” Moog thinks the issue of in-person vs. remote should definitely be discussed during plenary.



“I have been planning [for] 100% in-person, in the auditorium or some space.” Moog said that utilizing one of Parker’s outdoor spaces for the gathering of all Upper School students is possible. Moog thinks that the gatherings will be safe due to the wearing of masks and Parker’s high vaccination rate. Moog said, “the fact is that the entire high school – every single student will be above 12 and have the ability to get the [COVID-19] vaccine… it makes no sense not to meet together.”



Moog believes one of his biggest successes as a Senate Head was working to fix the online gym system. “I think our gym system was quite flawed, and all of the Senate Heads agreed on that, and that’s why we really made a push to focus on that.” Moog says he and the other Senate Heads were integral in the transformation of this program.



Even though social dynamics aren’t really the responsibility of Student Government, “as much as possible we’re trying to encourage unity… and fun activities for the student body,” said Moog. One way he would like to see unity and community return is through sports. “I’m trying to get the [Student Athletics Council] heads to host a students vs. teachers basketball game. It would be really, really fun,” Moog said. He would also like to ensure that Homecoming is “awesome.” Moog is thrilled to have all students fully back in the building and wants to encourage students to have a good time. “Let’s celebrate the fact that we’ve made it basically two years in COVID and that we’re reaching what I would consider to be the end.”



Moog’s biggest concern is not being able to create as much change as SG did last year. Moog thinks that online learning presented a unique opportunity for students to rally together and effect change. He hopes that the administration continues to be receptive to student feedback but is concerned that with a “normal” year ahead, the administration’s willingness to shift policy will be limited. “One potential crisis is senior month and what happened with that. Another potential crisis is, will Student Government be in-person or not.” 

Moog ended with a message of hope for the upcoming year, “I hope that the student body can unite and make Student Government work for them because that’s how it’s best.”