Music Committee Out of Tune

Music Committee Review


The music committee is one of the more talked about committees lately. During the passing periods, they play music from a playlist on all of the speakers that the whole Upper School hears. Although the Music Committee has hosted multiple events such as making a playlist or the suggestions of each grade, it seems like the whole school dislikes the committee a lot so far this year. For example, during the Student Government session for the committee grades, the whole auditorium was filled with boos when the music committee was given a “good.” 

The Music Committee contest is a great idea, but the one thing that I have disliked about it so far is that there are WAY too many emails being sent. One of the biggest issues that the Parker Upper School has been trying to fix is the number of schoolwide emails that are sent. The Music Committee has not helped to fix that problem at all. 

Every week, there is always an email that says that the next grade will be running the playlist for the week, but the committee doesn’t always put it all into one email. They stagger dozens of different announcements , oftentimes with typos included. 

The music that they play also isn’t generally loved, especially based on how different each song is from another. For example, they played “Life is a Highway” from the hit film “Cars,” then played Donda Chant” right after. They need to tidy the playlists up, add songs that are liked by the general public, and keep their vibes similar to one another. They played the same exact Lil Nas X song twice in the same morning this month, and I swear they’ve played Taylor Swift’s entire discography at least three times now. This repetition made me very angry, and I bet that other students were too.