Embryonic Democracy At Work

Student Body Elects New Officials


Photo credit: Ivy Jacobs

President Sam Graines delivers her inaugural address.

In a flurry of QR code campaign posters, Panda-Express-tinged debates, and Tootsie Roll peltings during speeches — the student body elected its Student Government officials for the 2022-23 school year. The 2022 election season marked the first in-person Democrafest since 2019. 

Rising senior Samantha Graines took the Presidential title after a close race between Jack Kahan and Mortimer Buckley. Rising juniors Naomi Gross, Arjun Kalra, Sarah Mathews, and Harry Lowitz stand as Parker’s new Senate heads. With Gray Joseph as the new Treasurer and Rania Jones as the new Director of Committee Affairs, Parker’s elected Cabinet officials for the 2022-2023 school year are sealed.

Eight of the 15 committees underwent a run-off vote. A run-off occurs when one group doesn’t win by a margin of more than 50% of the vote. 

“It was a fun experience running this year as there was a lot of competition and cool posters,” sophomore Ethan Dennis, a newly-elected Film Committee Head, said. “The run-off was stressful for everyone, but it definitely wasn’t unexpected.”

Appointed positions were released on May 26. Elected Cabinet officials read over the applications and conducted interviews for finalists.

“It was a really long and thoughtful process, especially because you have to be thinking about the applicants both in their positions and as members of Cabinet,” Gross said.“We read through the applications, discussed each and every decision, and came up with a group who we think will be incredibly successful. I’m super excited about this group and all that we can accomplish!” 

Sarah Mathews, a rising junior and a part of the newly-elected Senate group said that she is “so grateful that we get to run senate next year and be part of so many conversations.” Their hope for Senate next year is to “make Senate even more exciting, meaningful, and useful next year with our ideas and dedication,” Matthews said.  

Speaking on the process of running for Senate, Mathews said that her “group spent countless hours figuring out what we truly wanted to change and improve. Once we had our main goals and ideas, we were able to expand on them and have some fun with campaigning!”