A Roaring Good Time

A Look into Homecoming 2022


Photo credit: Eden Stranahan

Seniors Payton Pitts and Evan Sato pose while setting up the gym.

September. It’s time for spirit day outfits. It’s the sound of bagpipes and student section cheers filling the school. It’s the celebratory Morning Ex parade. And, for Parker’s high school students, it’s fall’s greatest kickoff: homecoming. 

Social committee heads Annabelle Garelick, Eden Stranahan, Payton Pitts, Evan Sato, and Kai Contractor led the construction and creative direction of Parker’s annual homecoming spirit week and dance. From deciding balloon colors to presenting their vision to the administration, Parker’s social heads coordinated each piece of the Roaring 20s themed event. 

Students waited in anticipation for the theme’s announcement video as the countdown to homecoming drew nearer. “After we were elected, the theme kind of came to us,” Garelick said. “All of us read Great Gatsby and watched the movie last year, so the idea seemed perfect for homecoming.” 

As social committee heads predicted, the theme was a success. “I think this year’s theme is great,” freshman Graysen Pendry said. “I heard that the last few years, the theme has been something to do with the galaxy or outer space. It’s great that they picked something so creative and different.” 

Senior Daniel Silets shared a similar opinion. “This year’s theme is definitely more creative, and it also leaves a lot of room for costumes or accessories for people who really want to go over the top,” Silets said.

Garelick described Parker’s homecoming culture as “relaxed,” compared to Prom in the Spring. “Prom definitely has more parts to it; there’s the whole process of finding a date and planning promposals,” Garelick said. “Also, homecoming has a theme, and Prom doesn’t. Because we release the theme a little under two weeks before homecoming, you don’t really have that much time to look for outfits and accessories, but with Prom, you can spend a lot more time finding exactly what you want.” 

Pendry shares opposing views to the social heads on when the theme should be released. “It would be really nice if they let us know the theme earlier. My friends that were following the theme started scrambling, especially because of the supply chain, to find a dress that would match the theme and come on time,” Pendry said. 

Agreeing with Pendry, Silets also believes the theme’s release date should be pushed back. “As a senior, I’m used to the theme coming out really close to the date of homecoming. But, even one extra week would be nice for people that are extremely dedicated to matching it.” Siltes said. 

As the news of last year’s light on homecoming resurfaced, freshman Ava Lin had “very low expectations” based on last year’s lights-on experience. However, her actual experience couldn’t be further from her prediction. “I actually had a great time,” Lin said. “It was so fun being with all my friends in a great atmosphere.”