Letter From the Editors, Issue 4 – Volume CXII

Hey Parker people,

Happy, happy Friday and more importantly Weekly distro day!!

This Friday, as you press submit on your portal posts and swap out naps in the fourth-floor chairs for, you know, sleep in a real bed, we hope you open up a copy of this issue. Everyone could use some extra reading material over the weekend. Right? On page 10 is a Thanksgiving emotional rollercoaster set in New Jersey by the author of “Embryonic Eats,” Lucy Wrubel and to its left is a reflection on Parker’s sophomore history curriculum written by Arjun Kalra.

This issue, we are prolonging our turkey day gratitude and giving thanks to our wonderful staff for pulling together well-crafted and thoroughly edited articles. Special thanks to our faculty advisors for the timely feedback and thoughtful edits.

In this issue, you will find multiple articles that discuss the shortcomings of Parker. As a paper, we encourage writers to take a critical look at the institution around them when necessary, and we are immensely proud of
the work that was put into these articles. That being said, we do not want to give the impression that our newspaper is solely focused on being critical. In this spirit, we hope you will read all of our other articles relating to some of the wonderful work going on at Parker in addition to the ones you read that point out changes that need to be made.

Our next issue comes out in just about two weeks, but for now, we hope this keeps you in the Parker loop until 12 Days.

Happy weekending, HAE