Letter From the Editors, Issue 5 – Volume CXII

Happy Holidays,

We made it through. Through this month we’re appreciative for the resilience and assured ness our community has shown. This goes the same for the staff and faculty on the Parker Weekly —as well as the administration—who have helped us create
this Issue. You will find exquisitely worded profiles of Parker’s very own Emma Newman and Wren Dudney. Towards the end, Embryonic Eats writing Lucy Wrubel displays investigative research of the notorious “Popcorn Party,” and, of course, there is a full page of in depth reporting of the White Out game. Eli Greenwald went so far as to report “court-side” at the game itself.

This break, we look forward to some well earned rest and relaxation and hope you all are able to do the same. It will be oh so hard to go two weeks without the never ending Weekly editing, formatting, and reporting… don’t miss us too much. Take the liberty to enjoy this issue fireside, making cookies, lighting menorahs, or far, far away on a trip somewhere (we promise the Weekly won’t take up too much room in your suitcase).

May your holidays be so very merry, HAE