Letter From the Editors, Issue 6 – Volume CXII

Welcome back,

We are so glad to have you here–especially if you’ve found yourself reading this letter. Here at Parker, love is in the air this February. Pink is back in season, heart shaped cookies line the cafeteria shelves, and students can be spotted hand in hand walking down Clark Street to Starbucks during Morning EX. Though, maybe that’s an all year thing.

If you’re looking to connect with someone this Valentine’s
Day season, boy is this the issue for you. Engage in a passionate “Deliberate Debate(s)” brought to you by the ever so dynamic Sadie Gallagher and Jack Hughes on page 15; plan your next romantic getaway to the Museum of Contemporary Photography inspired by the work of none other than Deven Gupta on page 7; and seek out your political match in our very own Harry Lowitz’s aldermanic breakdown on page 10. Better yet? Write for our next issue and interview that special someone. Kidding, that breaks all of what you learned in Journalism 101.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. We at HAE love you! Say it back,
Eden, Harry and Alya