Letter From the Editors, Issue 7 – Volume CXII

Hello Weekly Readers,
Its March and let’s face it, everything is sad. The month of love is over, we’re all helplessly alone, and the warm summer months feel further than ever. But you know what? The Weekly is here for you. Please use this newspaper however you want. Use it as a tissue for your sad March tears. Use it as the cover of a body pillow to keep you company on sad March nights. Give it to a friend a try to brighten their sad March day.

Similar to other issues of the Weekly, this issue also contains articles, and we recommend you read them. Mosey on over to page 8 for a breakdown of all the candidates by Saroya Ornelas Pagnucci (some are no longer in the running so you can see who we missed out on.) Also, do not pass GO and go directly to Hanna’s Puzzle Corner on page 11. Finally, you should check out the baking club article on page 6 by Sejal Ahuja. It is a hit.

We are sorry there is no playlist in this issue— Haha! made you look, of course there’s a playlist. It’s the playlist, not the 11th grade County Fair skit.

Thank you, HAE