Phone Mental Health Club

Juniors Introduce a Phone Mental Health Club to the Upper School


Technology is relied on as a means of communication, academics and social connection, but phones have dark side effects that often aren’t talked about. In early February, juniors Alex Fidler and Natalie Drake pitched the idea of a Phone Mental Health Club, which would give students a space to talk about their relationships with their phones and the effect on their mental health. Although the club has yet to begin, Fidler and Drake thought the club was a necessity at Parker, given that Gen Z grew up in a phone-prominent society. Phones can provide entertainment, feasible communication, and inspiration for new ideas. But these strengths can quickly turn dark if social media is abused, turning phones into a platform for cyberbullying, social comparison, and overall anxiety.

Fidler and Drake believe that phones have lots of these strengths and flaws, but the flaws can be greatly minimized if students know how to take care of their mental health.

 Fidler described the purpose of the club. “[We’d] like the club to just be a group of people who need help in changing their relationships with their phones,” Fidler said. “We would use the club to talk as a group about how social media and other apps affect our mental health.” 

Students across the Upper School have opinions on the club and its purpose. “It’s good that we are creating a place where social media addiction can be talked about freely,” said one student.

 “I run into the issue of being too attached to my phone, so I’m glad others can relate,” another student said. 

When asked if they put social media over their mental health, a third  student responded, “I would like to prioritize my mental health over social media, but realistically I’m a little too drawn in.” The club has gained traction in the Parker community and many students are excited to see what this club becomes. Students are interested to see how it can positively affect their  phone usage and mental health, and create a community where students are able to connect on the phones while being healthy.