Letter From the Editors


Photo credit: The Parker Weekly

Hi Parker,

Well, we made it! Through many curve-balls we seem to have held strong and persevered. Go Parker. Go The Weekly. Go everyone. We are so proud of all of you and all of our staff for pushing through and writing, editing, interviewing, and reading in the midst of certain zoo evacuations, changes in admin, and even delayed speaker music.

It is with great pride that we can say this is our last. ever. issue. as HAE — Harry will still be signing off on these next year. We’re not crying, you’re crying. It has been a pleasure to lead you in news (some real, some an April fools joke, and some in the form of photo collages). We will cherish our Friday afternoons handing out papers to everyone and anyone that will take one, and maybe just once Eden will look back and miss battling on the front lines for Pub office clean ups after lunch.

We are thrilled to introduce Hanna, Benjamin, and Harry (meta) to this ever changing world of journalism here at Parker and will most likely be stalking their work from laptops in New Orleans and NYC.

Not goodbye but see you later, Eden, Alya, and Harry