Letter From The Next Editors


Photo credit: The Parker Weekly

Happy Summer, Parker!

We’re here to congratulate you all for finishing yet another school year filled with tradition, from the bagpipes to Parker’s annual County Fair that you can read about in the yearbook. However, if “The Weekly” has shown us anything this year, it’s that amidst all the tradition, there’s still change happening all around us.

From the advent of Chat GPT to the warmest welcome of our newest Head of Upper School, this past year has been filled with surprises at every stage. Through this, “The Weekly” has attempted to capture this segment of Parker’s history — a challenging task, we might add — and we’d like to thank this past year’s Editors-in-Chief Eden Stranahan, Alya Satchu, and Harry Lowitz for completing this task with utter grace. You’re all unstoppable when you’re Weekly- ing.

The three of us, Hanna, Benjamin and Harry (year two!), have so many plans for next year, beginning with a revamped website that will hopefully come into fruition soon, an improved social media presence, and new sections in “The Weekly” that you’ll have to wait to see! We also plan on putting some real thought and energy towards improving our writing and making “The Weekly” a more equitable and representative publication for the Parker community.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer (and take some time to read this issue), but let’s all make sure to get some rest so that next year can be the best year of “The Parker Weekly” yet!

Already counting down the days until Issue 1, Hanna Bilgin, Benjamin Kagan, and Harry Lowitz