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Pau Ponders…

How Do I Thank the Parker Record?
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The Parker Record. That blue, leather bound book filled with little notes, or simply just “HAGS.” Our Yearbook. So many names, one meaning: a reflection, compilation of our year as students and members of the Parker Model Home. 

It started like this:

Beginning of sophomore year Pau was still processing the pandemic, the isolation and fear of how sophmore year would unfold. As a freshman, he hadn’t really participated in any Parker clubs– he was busy watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” Eighteen seasons in three months is pretty impressive guys… Thus, when the Parker Record Editorial Board application presented itself, he thought, “Why not?” What better way to regain that sense of belonging than through the publication that united and represented the entire student body? He applied to be a Clubs & Committee editor, and his life completely changed.

His sophomore year unfolded into his welcoming to the world of the Parker Record. He was appointed as one of the Clubs & Committees editors alongside Julia Peet – who’d suddenly become his “sister” in this new world– and the excitement began. 

His phone buzzed as Annabelle, Sofia, Alex and Mia–the former editors–sent their first text to the Editorial Board group chat. He was filled with excitement as he responded – “I can’t wait to start!!” To him, the Record provided a sense of belonging that would continue throughout his life. He couldn’t wait to find an old yearbook and think “wow, I helped make this.” On the last day of school, his first involvement in the Parker Record paid off. To him, the greatest satisfaction of working on the Parker Record came from seeing each blue book meeting every student and gaining a little note. 

Spring of sophomore year, applications for Editor-In-Chief of the Parker Record became available. He spent hours on his application, making sure each detail was precise. In response to a leadership question, he wrote: “My leadership style is based around Blair Waldorf’s famous quote, ‘If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.’” Two weeks later, he anxiously opened the Google Classroom alert to find: “Please join us in congratulating Pau, Julia, Annabelle, and Bel as the 2022-2023 yearbook editors-in-chief!! We are super super excited for them!!” He hurriedly texted Julia, who was in the car (and was not responding….) in all caps. 

Junior year, filled with seven-hour layout sessions, constant treeringing (our layout website), and assigning pages. The Parker Record process begins by considering themes, thinning the potential theme list, and finally picking a theme that fits Parker. Finding a theme that is classy, imaginative, and represents the current school year accurately is both challenging and fascinating. Every year, the publication receives feedback on the theme… so we attempt to minimize the negative comments. Next comes the layout session, where the editors create the layouts for each individual page. Each layout must present the type of page – divide layouts (a type of layout) shouldn’t be the same as portraits. Moving on, then comes the most important part of the publication. Our submissions. As editors, we assign pages to members of the community to fill out the layouts. Using their discron, they attempt to highlight the entire school community by choosing pictures that represent the entire community. A caption must ring the emotion, event and spirit for each picture. Overseeing the creation of our tradition is such a privilege, and not to mention, so much fun. 

Starting my last year as a member of the Parker community, but more importantly – members of the Parker Record staff – I’m filled with excitement for what is to come. 

Our new theme (which we just picked out… shushh), a new determined cohort of staff, and new layouts will allow for this year’s edition of the Parker Record to truly thrive. 

However, despite all the “newness” to the Parker Record, one thing stays. Our incredible faculty advisors. Ms. Abood and Mr. Mahany have supported the Parker Record through it all. Whether it’s their excellent advice, ideas, advocation, or so much more, they are always there to make sure the publication will succeed. So a big, big thank you.

Ending this column feels so weird, as it feels like my first goodbye to the Parker Record. Obviously, this is not my last goodbye, as the “recording” process has only just begun, but it’s the first. As a first-semester senior, I still haven’t even processed how many goodbyes I’ll have to make. But, now is not the time to even begin processing that… there’s still so many months. Thus, I’ll say a quick see you later and thank you. See you later the Parker Record, and a big thank you – can’t wait to see you on Tuesday in Ms. Abood’s room!

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Pau Maset Josa, Columnist
Pau Maset Josa is super excited to spend his first year on "The Weekly" as a Columnist. After his ponderings, Pau oversees the Yearbook, rants to Ms. Zeller, vocalizes in Grape Jam and makes sure that all trash is thrown in its designated bin.