Yes, Oprah Should Run For President!

Why Winfrey Should Reconsider

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Oprah Winfrey running for president may sound absurd–but she might be exactly what this country needs right now.

Oprah has been a household name for the past 25 years. Whether giving out free cars or helping build American businesses, people have let Oprah into their lives since the start of her career. Now might be the time to let her make their lives better politically fashion. She has been the inspiration, after all, to many young women and girls across the nation and has shown that the American Dream is possible.

Oprah may not have the experience in politics that many of her fellow potential Democratic candidates may have, but she has the experience of a true American that others can relate to. Many people may compare Oprah to Trump. She too has no political experience, has not held a government position, just like Trump. However, that might be what the Democratic party needs. One of the biggest reasons Hillary Clinton didn’t win was that people felt she was unrelatable. If the people can’t connect with the leader of their country, the leader can’t serve them to the best of their ability, no matter how much experience they have.

Oprah is relatable. Unlike Trump, she hasn’t sexually harassed anyone, she hasn’t called any countries “s**tholes,” she hasn’t called global warming fake, she hasn’t threatened to build a wall, kick out all the Muslims, screw over the press, make fun of the disabled, let Nazis march in the street, and she didn’t start her career with a nine-million dollar loan, inheritance of three-hundred-million dollars, and an entire real estate company.

Oprah works hard. That is the ultimate goal of the American economy. To work hard. President Trump did not work hard. He was successful because of his parent’s wealth and his ability to con Americans. He is a con-man. She has a compassion for the American people that many others seem to lack. All politicians understand that they need to represent the people to get voted into office. Oprah helps, represents, and is respected by a large majority of the country, even Trump.

Oprah has changed her own life with her hard work. She has also changed the lives of many others. She understands the day-to-day life of an average American. She fights obesity, housing issues, business troubles, and money issues. This is no doubt what she would run on–financial stability. She is a moral person who does her best to make sure other Americans are successful. Again, that is the job of a leader. Not to say that you are going to give jobs to Americans and then have 200 Hoosiers kicked out of their jobs. He is a con-man. She is a leader.

While most Americans, roughly 70 percent, don’t want her to run, if she were to run, 10 percent more people would vote for her than would vote for Donald Trump, according to Quinnipiac University. She also was responsible for one million votes to Barack Obama, a group of economists found at the University of Maryland.

The next president is going to have to piece our country back together. We are as divided as ever. Senators get shot at baseball practices, Nazis roam the street, Hillary might end up in jail, Trump might end up in jail, his entire cabinet might end up in jail, the press might fall apart, our country might get into a Second Korean War. We live in a scary time. We need someone who can, morally, tie us together.

Oprah can do that. She has been doing that for her entire career. She has made successful deals that align with both parties’ interests and kept them with numerous companies. She has helped people create the lives that they wanted to live. Trump has made deals, broken them, re-established them, and then screwed over thousands of workers by NOT PAYING THEM! That is insane! We need someone to counter him. Oprah can unite the fronts. She has and can make agreements that serve both sides’ interests.

Oprah has had an incredible career of working hard and helping people out. While she does focus on entertainment, she fights for good causes and produces tangible, exciting results. What the Democrats need most right now is someone who feels like they have lived the daily life of an average American. While Oprah is a billionaire now, when she was younger, she lived in poverty and was even sexually assaulted by family members.

Oprah has the experience of being an American, and she might be the best option for the Democratic candidate and the country as a whole.