Goodbye Thanksgiving MX

Third Grade Adapts The Tradition To Meet Challenges


Photo credit: The Parker Weekly

Third Grade Adapts The Tradition To Meet Challenges

From County Fair to 12 Days to Class Day, Parker is a school filled with history, stories, and traditions. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions, some of these have been either cancelled or postponed, including the third grade-run Thanksgiving MX.

“The third graders aren’t doing the Thanksgiving MX this year,” third grade teacher Amy Przygoda said. After having the MX cancelled twice due to the pandemic, the third graders are moving on from the long-standing tradition of Parker.

Most high school students at Parker have either seen or been a part of the Thanksgiving MX and its traditions. From the “Simple Gifts” to the annual Thanksgiving skits, the MX was a staple of the third grade experience and Thanksgiving break. This year, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has been turned into a day off for the school. 

“I’m not sad that it was cancelled this year,” junior Ethan Silets said. Silets, like many others, didn’t know about the cancellation. “It’s fun, but over time, it’s the same thing over and over again.” 

In recent years, the Thanksgiving MX has moved away from curriculum surrounding “Woodland People Day” and towards the general theme of gratitude. This most recent change has given the third grade the opportunity for innovation of curriculum, and they have chosen an alternative. Rather than doing the Thanksgiving MX, third grade students will do a “Spring MX.” 

“The Spring MX is an MX where the third graders present what they are passionate about,” Przygoda said. In this MX, instead of telling the school what they are thankful for, the third graders will present on what is impacting them in the world. 

The cancellation also coincides with challenges presented by the on-going pandemic. “Due to COVID restrictions and rules,” MX Committee Head Gray Joseph said, “the administration decided to scrap the MX this year and give the school a day off.” 

Parker has had whole school MXs this year, such as the Big Siblings MX and Corinthians, but they were held outside in warmer weather. Now in November, the whole school is not able to congregate outside on the field. Just like County Fair, the risk of COVID exposure is too high for the school.

The re-imagined MX will be a new tradition for third-graders to practice sharing with the broader community. “Whether it is about recycling, composting, protecting the environment, or indigenous representation in sports, the third graders will be able to pick their topic and present it,” Przygoda said.