Head-To-Head: Whom Should You Vote For In The 2020 Election?

Consider Voting for President Trump

I would like to preface this by saying I am an undecided voter. I registered as a Democrat for the primaries.

This November will be the first time I have the ability to vote in a general election. When choosing a candidate, the main things I look at are overall domestic policy, overall foreign policy, and policy that specifically affects my family.

The unemployment rate is at its lowest percentage since the start of the Nixon Administration, and the market has been pretty strong other than the fallout from COVID-19. It is a fair point that the Obama Administration has been responsible for at least the first two years of the Trump Administration’s economic success, but it has held relatively strong for four years. His tax cuts have also directly put more money into my family’s pockets.

Next, immigration. The law is the law, so people should not be entering our country illegally. I believe that legal routes to our country should be made much easier and family should not be supported in detainment. I support Mexico’s increased border security to make sure people are not illegally moving through both sides of their border. I believe in putting money towards a stronger border, and Trump plans to increase funding for a border wall. I want to clarify that I don’t believe in keeping people out of our country if they need our help.

Healthcare is the biggest reason I am considering supporting President Trump. My mother has worked in healthcare for more than eight years now and has built a career around private healthcare and she is very similar to the half a million other Americans who work in the same system.

What is the future of my mom’s career? You cannot ask me to use my power as a voter to vote for a party that has a large number of people that want to destroy my mom’s career. I’m someone who believes in universal healthcare, but it should be slowly implemented over an extremely long period of time and a private option needs to remain a possibility.

Foreign policy is a huge reason to vote for President Trump. I liked that he pulled out of the Iran Deal and imposed crippling sanctions on the Iranian government. The sanctions have caused millions of barrels of Iranian oil to be taken off the market and has caused the investors. I also love how President Trump has strong-armed NATO countries to spend more on their defenses.

President Trump has had a very interesting relationship with North Korea, and he has done a better job than the Obama Administration of trying to wrangle the Supreme Leader in. I strongly agree with having a tough foreign policy and President Trump has followed through on that.

Do I think President Trump is a good person? No, I do not, but as an American, I have a civic duty to look into every candidate and understand how they affect the people closest to me. Some of Trump’s policies fit into my moderate ideology.