Letter From the Editors, Issue 3 – Volume CXII

Happy Halloween? (more or less, maybe less),

We hope you’ve all had a restful and restorative week after the notorious “halloweeknd,” stuffing yourself with candy, watching plenty of spooky movies, and if you’re a senior, submitting your applications to a very spooky deadline — congrats, we love you <3

If you are indeed still picking through your candy (or maybe a sibling’s), make sure to do good, safe, research and check out Lucy Wrubel’s “Trick or Red No. 3?.” Also included in this issue is an insiders only glimpse by Sophia Rosenkranz into the world of Investment Club, coverage of the ever controversial Belden buildings by Teddy Mcguire, and your very own editors present to you their super special Valerie Jarrett reporting in the creatively named “A Visit From Valerie.”

This weekend we hope you have fun doing whatever it is you do this weekend — best of luck in debate to our SIMUN attendees — and we urge you all to take an extra copy of “The Weekly” home with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll have time for some light weekend readin

Harry, Alya, and Eden