BREAKING NEWS: Parker Power Outage

School closes due to unforeseen electrical circumstances


Photo credit: Nick Saracino

The main entrance to Francis W. Parker School.

At 7:37 this morning, Parker students, parents, and faculty received an email stating “School will be closed, and classes and activities canceled on Friday, February 3 until further notice.” 

Specifically, the power outage is affecting the heating system, something that is necessary for the harsh Chicago winters, and the kitchen. The email states that Faculty and staff will be there to help any student who had already arrived at school before the notification. 

The notification was not only sent via email but also by phone call and text to ensure that the Parker community was aware of the situation before arriving at school.

Additionally, it is unclear whether students will be able to come back to school for after-school activities such as basketball games and practices. The Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team’s senior night is tonight and it is uncertain whether it will be able to happen. This game has been booked for months and the seniors have been excited to be recognized for their dedication to the girl’s basketball program.

“I’m excited to not have school but I know it’s inconvenient for a lot of people.,” Sloane Demtriou, a sophomore on the Varsity girl’s basketball team, said. “I think the school handled it well and was efficient with their email. The one thing I am frustrated about is activities being canceled. With tonight being the senior night for the girls, it sucks to see that the game may get postponed. The juniors have worked so hard to make this senior night really great and the seniors deserve their night.”

More information is to come about when this power outage will be resolved and what the after school activities status’ are.