Softball Smash

Upper School team earns ISL title


Photo credit: Lola Yee

Junior Alex Fidler gets ready to bat during a home game against Holy Trinity.

If you have ever been into the main gym, you may have noticed the big, Parker blue banners with each sport, the different titles or championships that they have won, and the date that they were won. Almost every sport has a banner. What you may not have noticed is that softball has yet to get a banner hung up. This all changes now. 

Softball has officially won the Independent School League (ISL) title meaning that the team will finally be up on the big gym wall. To win the ISL title, Parker’s softball team had to have the most wins and runs against four other teams: Latin, Lake Forest Academy, Regina Dominica, and Woodlands Academy. 

Members of the softball team are thrilled about their big achievement. Lucy Wrubel, the shortstop and one of the captains of the Parker softball team, is overjoyed. “This whole season has been so fun and honestly super rewarding,” she said. “Softball has never had the best reputation, but we all have gained a lot of confidence throughout this season, especially after beating Latin twice. I’m so proud that we’re the first softball team to put a banner up on the wall and hopefully the team is able to add on to it again next year.”

Samantha Graines, the catcher and another one of the softball captains, is “so proud of all of the hard work that the softball team has put in, not only this season but for the past few years to get us to the point where we are at today. Two years ago, we could not finish our season, and now we are league champs which feels amazing. This is only the start of the softball team’s success.”

Alex Fidler, the third softball captain with an amazing amount of homeruns, feels that softball at Parker has been “underrepresented and under highlighted here at Parker, so I’m really proud of everyone on the team for pulling this season off in the way we did and how much the team has grown so far, especially for the new players who have developed so much and become vital to our success.”

Parker softball’s season has seven wins and four losses as they go into their final few games.