“The Parker Weekly” Mission Statement

“The Parker Weekly” is a student-run, designated limited forum that strives to present the Parker community with productive stories and commentary, as well as to educate student contributors in journalism. “The Weekly” is a meaningful news source whose content explores important questions and serves as a platform for student expression and valuable discussion. In acting with empathy, courage, and clarity, “The Weekly” works to advance the cause of social justice and to uphold Parker’s democratic principles.



May 14th, 2021 Addition:

Dear readers, 

Behind the scenes, there have been changes to the article process in regard to administrative intervention, and we wanted to take a moment to clarify a few details about the way that The Parker Weekly operates. 

The Parker Weekly is an entirely student-led operation. Apart from a review process during final drafts, the faculty advisors are largely separate from the operation of writing, organizing, designing, and printing a monthly paper. Members of the administration are not involved in said review process and therefore are not responsible for any of the content printed in each issue.

Articles and editorials published in this print edition do not reflect the views of the Francis W. Parker School. Despite the paper sharing a name with the school, our opinions do not represent those of the administration or any of the students and teachers. All articles undergo a thorough publication process and are edited and reviewed by the editors-in-chief of The Parker Weekly and our faculty advisors.

We seek to report on the goings-on of the school with an unbiased lens and educate the public. If there are any errors, no matter how small, we encourage you to send these concerns to the Editors-In-Chief, the faculty advisors, or [email protected]. Your comments will be heard and addressed to the best of our ability.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.