Arizona Frenzy

The popular iced tea gets stocked in Parker’s cafeteria


Photo credit: Harry Lowitz

Juniors Kyra Mathew (left) and Riya Jain (right) pose with the fully stocked shelf of Arizona iced teas in the Cafeteria.

On Thursday, February 2, the Parker cafeteria received a shipment of Arizona Iced Tea. The cans are being sold for $1.95 and according to Lead Cashier Keisha Henderson, they have caused a “frenzy.”

The cafeteria utilizes a certain company of drink distributors that made Arizonas available and the cafeteria was able to secure a shipment. “If they keep it in stock, we’re able to keep it in stock,” Henderson said.

The presence of Arizona iced teas has been noticed widely by Parker students and according to Henderson, consumption has been heavy. “OMG,” she said. “Everyone went crazy. The frenzy was wild.”

Henderson said students developed a sense of scarcity for the coveted drinks and people were rushing to get their cans. She also believes there has been a great deal of social media presence since coming into stock.

Seniors in Chemistry of Cooking class enjoy Arizona iced teas (Photo credit: Eden Stranahan)

Junior Kyra Mathew has already purchased one Arizona Iced Tea and plans on getting two more over the course of the day. She opted to get the peach flavor and intends to stick with that choice for future cans.

Mathew first heard about the iced teas this morning and was immediately enthralled. “I was just very excited,” she said.