Homecoming is Happening

What to expect

Homecoming is a treasured Parker event full of sports, food, friends, and dancing. With missing it last year, Parker looks to have a “pretty similar” event this year. 

“Thankfully, what we proposed to the upper school administration and the medical committee will allow us to keep things pretty similar,” Ms. Shepard, one of the event planners of homecoming, said. “We will have food, light refreshments, and the normal DJ and dancing.”

Homecoming this year is looking to be similar to years prior, however there will be differences. “Instead of being in the draft gym like we’ve been in the last several years, we’ll move to the big gym which gives us more space. The food and refreshments will be located in the small gym, to have a sense of social distancing,” Shepard said.

“Moshing is just something that we will have to break up,” Shepard said. Since the world is still in a national pandemic, COVID protocols still have to be taken into consideration. “If we see students starting to take off their mask while dancing, we’ll have to take action. But normal dancing is something we can’t break up, but we will have an abundance of hand sanitizer in the gyms.”

The tickets to the Homecoming dance will be $20, and the two options are either pre-paying or paying at the stand. Food hasn’t been decided, but it is looking like it will be pizza. 

Sports are another big part of the Homecoming traditions. The sports schedule is below:

Friday – 

4 pm – Girls Tennis vs Lincoln Park School at Waveland Courts

4 pm – Parker Golf vs Taft at Sydney Marowitz


8 am – JV White Soccer vs Latin at Parker

9:30 am – JV Blue Soccer vs Latin at Parker

10 am – JV Volleyball vs Sen High School at Parker

11:30 am – Varsity Volleyball vs Sen High School at Parker

11 am – JV Field Hockey vs Latin at Parker 

12:30 pm – Varsity Soccer vs Latin at Parker

2 pm – Varsity Field Hockey vs Latin at Parker