Letter From The (Future) Editors

The 2020-2021 Weekly Heads as characters from “Mean Girls.”

Photo credit: Alex Ori

The 2020-2021 Weekly Heads as characters from “Mean Girls.”

Hey, all!

We can’t tell you how surreal this is for us to be writing this right now. Zach’s freaking out. It’s hilarious. We all love “The Weekly” and are extremely excited to serve as the Editors-in-Chief this year. We cannot wait to dedicate ourselves to making the 110th uninterrupted year of “The Weekly’s” publication unforgettable. 

As we continue with this unpredictable time in all of our lives, we hope that “The Weekly” continues to not only be your favorite news source but an integral component that connects all of us together, regardless of if we are in the Parker building together or in our homes across the city. We hope to continue to produce engaging, interesting content that is not only informative but enjoyable for you all to read, whether the content is online or in print. As COVID-19 continues to affect our world, country, city, and community within Parker, we intend to provide breaking news updates on the effect of the virus on Parker and ensure that “The Weekly” remains a place where students can find trustworthy and important information.

For the upcoming school year, we are elated that our Online Editor will be able to manage a fully public website to house all of the creative and wonderful stories, photos, videos, and more created by Parker students. In times where the print edition of the paper may not always be available, we are grateful that we can at least stay in touch with and inform the public thanks to our website (www.parkerweekly.org for those wondering).

We look forward to being your Editors-in-Chief for the 2020-2021 school year and are beyond honored to be continuing the wonderful traditions and prestige that previous Editors-in-Chief have upheld. We hope to be the Editors-in-Chief that free “The Weekly” from aggressive censorship and that promote the journalistic rights that “The Weekly” deserves.


With much love from the (virtual) Pub Office,

JZN (Julia, Zach, and Nick)